About Me

Welcome to Sweet & Sourire!

"Sourire" [pronounced soo-reer with fancy French accent] means smile.  

I'm a 22-year-old college grad with an insatiable passion for food and a smile that's rarely lost. My enthusiasm for cooking simply started with an interest in the Food Network and it blossomed into an all-out cooking obsession. 

I love challenging myself in the kitchen and create original, healthy recipes each time that I cook (well, almost every time. I do like my ). My inspiration comes from ingredients that I find at the market, new cooking trends and even traditional recipes. To me, cooking is an art, and I like to be proud of the creation.

One of my greatest passions is using fresh and local products. After seeing the some of the most fantastic markets and organic farms, this goal is something I truly believe in. The farmers, growers and purveyors have seriously become my heroes. 

I'm interested in everything from photography, to farming, to graphic design and writing-- and of course, cooking! As a vegan for over a year and a half, I've realized that the possibilities for cuisine and flavor are endless. My own culinary perspective has grown so much within that time, and I've not only explored the ranges of vegan cuisine, but also gluten-free and allergy conscious meals. I like 'em all!

When I started this blog during my semester abroad in Paris, I chronicled everything from food to traveling to whatever else French life threw my way. Throughout the nearly four months that I spent abroad, my love for the French culture and language grew right along side my love and intrigue for food. Now, I'm transitioning into the delectably dynamic food industry. Sweet & Sourire will be changing and growing, so check back and see what's new!