Friday, September 10, 2010

His name is Hughes.

He's 23, he's french, he's gorgeous.

And he just happens to be the eldest son of the family that is hosting me.

The moment I saw him was the moment that my concentration for anything but Hughes fizzled into thin air. How could I possibly concentrate on french grammar when such a dime-piece was living under the same roof??

C'etait un coup de foudre.

Of course, with my luck as of late, I met him after running around for nearly two hours in an outfit geared for 50 degree weather when temperatures today reached about 70. And I was carrying two full bags of groceries, plus my bookbag. So yeah, I was a little sweaty.

But isn't that always how it happens in the movies?

I'm keeping my hopes up. And you can bet I'll be keeping you updated.

UPDATE: Thomas, the 16-year-old brother, just walked in on me taking a shower. Things are about to get awkward.

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