Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vee lyke to drank beerz, ya?

To my loyal audience (all nine of you), a short message:

Although blogosphere may be up there on my list of fave destinations...
Oktoberfest kind of takes the cake on that one. 

This means that tomorrow, I risk it all. And consequently, Germany risks it all.

Why they willingly embrace herds of lush American students across their borders? The world may neva know. But I have une petite hunch it's all for the love of beer. And lord knows, we love da beer!

Things I'm looking forward to:
  1. Reunion with the Fantastic Four-- Lexi Andrews, Kara Digan, and Amanda Johnson. Germany, or any country in the EU for that matter, might be sorry they let these three pass customs. 
  2. Beer. Speaks for itself. 
  3. Pretzels?
  4. I'll just go ahead and repeat #2.

So until I return on Sunday (with luck, still moderately literate), feel free to peruse the archives of Sweet & Sourire.

Cause I know you wanna read about my bad day just one more time. 

Peace, love, and sloppy weekend to all!

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