Monday, September 13, 2010

Roses are red, Paris is violet.

Let's be honest, the last thing that any jetsetter needs is to be pegged as a tourist-- instant buzzkill. So, in order to avoid that, we try to observe the trends weaving their way around the world today. And we wonder: What's popular? What's à la mode? And what is "so out"?

Americans are still in their veritable legging obsession, which, whether we're ready to admit it or not, has transitioned into a strangely alluring jegging trend. (Can anyone really say they saw that coming?) 

And throughout the Schengen realm, men and women alike seem to be pretty partial to the sidepurse-- which is by and large EuroChic 101.

But this season in Paris, it's purple.

Scarves, blouses, button-downs, ties, shoes, sweatshirts, make-up, and by far the coolest way to rock it... pants, have all found their way into the smartest French closets in almost every shade.  

This trend unfortunately has no age or gender bounds. In fact, I've seen more skinny French men rocking head to toe purple than I can count on one hand. Does that scare you? What about a 60-year-old woman smearing the shade across her eyelids while sporting heeled pilgrim shoes? You wish I was kidding.

It seems that purple à la Barney has trickled down from sketchbooks, to runways, to red carpets, to more casual street style. And Paris is lovin' every majestic minute of it. 

So just in case you were wondering how to become one step close to achieving the Parisian panache, my advice is to ditch the classic ebony and grab something that would make that lovable dinosaur proud.  

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