Friday, April 8, 2011

Put a little Boogie in it

Today was one of those mornings when I was feeling a lot more supermonster than supermodel.

Perhaps last night I was a tad, ahem, thirstier than usual... but can you blame me? I'm practically keeping my toothbrush in the communications building, for God's sake. 

Once I got over the initial paralyzing weight of my own head, a snapshot reminder of my "fourth" meal had me running for the nearest trash can. 

Funny how events of the night may be forgotten, yet when our conscience wants us to feel guilty about the entire sleeve of Saltines we ate, the memories are crystal clear. 

Thank you, brain, I'll be hitting the gym right after I vomit. 

But rather than assuming the fetal position and setting my alarm for next Tuesday, I did what any aspiring Martha Stewart would do-- made breakfast and stayed conscious long enough to write about it. (Martha's street cred makes her a bona fide gangsta now... maybe now it's somewhat more socially acceptable to idolize her). 

So, for all those mornings when we're channeling the Boogie monster on a bad hair day, here's a championship recipe that's the breakfast equivalent of pushing Restart. 

Breakfast of Champions
Serves 1 hungover soul

[1] whole grain organic english muffin
[2] tsp of your favorite jam (I used a locally made apple butter from Russell's Orchard in Ipswich, MA)

For the fruit salad, just use what's in your fridge. I don't know about you, but the last thing I'm going to do after a night of shenanigans is get in my car and drive to the store... in my party clothes. I had:
[1] pear, chopped into 1 inch cubes
[1/2] grapefruit, sectioned
[1/4] cup blueberries

In my coffee, I always make it with:
[2.5] cups DUNKIN' DONUTS coffee
[1/2] cup Pure Almond Unsweetened Almond Milk
[2] packets of zero cal sweetener, like Truvia

And of course, I use the happiest mug I can find.
How could you NOT smile with a mug like that?

Just do yourself a favor and wake up with something scrumptious. After downing a breakfast like this, you won't be feeling like a one-eyed green monster anymore. 

Even if he is kind of cute... 

Photo Credit: Amanda Johnson

Photo Credit: Amanda Johnson
Photo Credit: Amanda Johnson

I promise I'm not obsessed.


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