Friday, April 1, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

Happy April everyone! I hope you're excited-- spring is right around the corner!! 

April fools. 

I'm in Boston today, and motha nature was a biatch. An inch of snow?! April fools! But, really... 

So, to satisfy your springtime woes, here's the rainbow you won't see when you look outside your window. 

This salad is just that... a salad.

What makes it interesting? Well, it's certainly not foodporntastic. But just look at the pictures (and oh, yeah, the title of the post). This salad is pretty.

You've obviously heard the saying that we eat with our eyes first. While this won't be true for those late night nosh sessions when we practically don't even see our food, presentation really is half of our dining experience. And if we're going to eat a healthy meal, it might as well come dressed for the party. Am I right?

It's true what the experts say-- the more colorful your ingredients, the better it is for you (just don't ask me why). To make it a little more nutritious, I sprinkled wheat germ on top. Despite it's silly name, don't be scared of wheat germ. It has a toasty flavor and is great in yogurt, on salads (clearly) or on top of fresh fruit. It adds great texture plus a handful of vitamins like protein, iron and fiber.

I googled that.

For this salad, I just used what I already had in my fridge. Experiment with your own favorite ingredients! Putting it all together is the most fun part. And when you're done, if it ends up looking pretty, well isn't that just the cherry on top of the... salad.

Rainbow Salad
[1] cup mixed leafy greens
[1/4] cup sliced grape tomatoes
[2-3] tri-color mini bell peppers
[1/4] cup red onion, very thinly sliced
[2] celery stalks, chopped
[1] tbsp wheat germ

For the dressing:
[1] tbsp balsamic vinegar
[1/2] tbsp lemon juice
[1] tsp dijon mustard
[1] tsp green onion, sliced
[1/2] tsp agave nectar
[1] tsp olive oil
dash of soy sauce

Whisk together all the ingredients for the dressing in a small bowl. Then assemble your salad to your liking. That's it, folks.

A satisfying lunch, both visually and tastefully.

**Side note: Today officially starts the FOURTH month of my vegan living (and loving)! Remember when my goal was to try it for just one month? I'm feeling amazing and really see no reason not to continue! So onward I shall go...

I eat salad all the time... April fools!

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